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Hire a dev team without the headache

One Stop Solution

Hiring contractors for each function you need is a pain. Making sure that all of your contractors coordinate and work together is an even bigger pain.

We have all of the skill sets required in-house whether you need design, marketing, web, mobile, database architecture or DevOps. You’ll always have a single point of contact, so skip the hiring & firing; Stay focused on your business instead.

Affordable Costs

We understand that you have a tight budget but you still require high quality professional work.

To keep costs low, we work with vetted offshore developers and our teams are trained to provide the best product possible. We monitor their code, guide them through the tricky parts and ensure best practices are followed.

Senior Teams & Best Practices

We have 30+ years combined experience building scalable applications that we leverage to guide our agile teams.

Our applications are built with the proper architecture, technologies and best practices. We don’t treat you like just another client, we become your partner, team member and advisor.

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We consult our clients on how to prioritize or tweak features to achieve their goals & target budget.


Our designers will create wireframes, mockups and branding for your app and iterate as needed.


We create database schemas and technical requirements to ensure best practices are used.


You can choose to manage our developers directly or leverage our project management team.


With software architectural expertise, full stack development knowledge and industry competency, Goldfish Code customizes, develops and migrates software solutions.

Quality Control

Any software applications developed by Goldfish Code have integral testing and code reviews throughout development. Software release is not done without a thorough testing process.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support is critical when it comes to your project. That’s why we offer a customizable plan to accommodate your needs.

Industry Expertise
VoIP Telephony / Messaging
Social Networking
Finance & Crypto
Marketplaces + Retail
…and more!

Goldfish is a global family with over 150 developers, designers, project managers, architects, QA & staff.

Pictured: 2019 Company Offsite – Da Lat, Vietnam

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